Ever wanted to know the fitness tips that could improve your life?

Here they are:

1.       Eat nutritional food:

No matter how much your workout or do as many exercises as you want but if you are not eating healthy diet, it’s not going to work. You can consult any good health instructor and he will advise you the same that if you want to life a perfect life, exercise is must but with working out techniques, you have to maintain a good and nutritional diet in which you should take the necessary proteins, vitamins and mineral and avoid taking excessive amount of carbohydrates and calories that cause fat in the body.

2.       Prepare in advance:

Whether you are talking about having a fit and healthy body or you are discussing any other business, its better if you stay focused and prepare yourself before the time comes. It means that if you want to keep a diet, it’s better to start preparing your routines before time. You can make weekly charts about what should you eat in the next upcoming week or even better if you prepare for the whole month. This helps a lot if you are a busy person and working full time. If you don’t have time to discuss your diet or prepare food by thinking for an hour, you should make dietary plans at weekends for next whole week and save a lot of regular time.

3.       Eat more:

It may sounds like a dumb idea that when you want to lose some weight, why you should eat more. You should be eating less than regular but this is the reality that most people don’t understand. A huge number of health instructors and nutritionists advise people that they shouldn’t keep appetite in the stomach and with eating three main meals a day; they should keep their stomach working with two small meals in between those three meals. Keep in mind that eating more doesn’t mean you should eat a whole pie in the morning and a hamburger after one or two hours, it’s just means that you shouldn’t keep any hunger and keep eating small foods such as fresh fruit juice, vegetable or fruit salad etc.

4.       Control your diet:

When you eat more than three times a day, it’s essential that you plan your each meal. For example if you are used to take four slices in the morning with butter, cheese and a cup of coffee, you should eat two slices with less butter and when after a while you feel hungry, you can eat the remaining two slices in between the main meals. In the same manner, organize your lunch and decrease the amount of food that you used to eat at noon. If you eat 4 sandwiches at lunch, you should decrease is to two and the remaining part of appetite can be filled with supper where you can have a cup of tea and something light to eat such as any snack food.

5.       Know your body needs:

It depends on each person that how much energy and calories his body needs. You should consult a good health instructor to find out your BMI ratio and that will explain what your necessary calorie consumption is. Usually an average human being needs about 1500 calories for each day in order to stay fit and healthy but if you want to lose some weight, you can lower your needs and eat about 1200-1300 calories each day. Keep in mind that you should never reduce weight in a quick manner as it will disturb or even damage your metabolism and immune system. Always try to reduce some founds in a long term basis.

6.       Don’t adopt anything by yourself:

If you want to make muscles or have a healthy looking body, you should always consult a good health instructor who knows your body and it’s needs better that you. If you are not used to do any heavy exercises or long work out routines, you shouldn’t ask your body to do so in the beginning but start with simple exercises and gradually take your body to the level when it can bear heavy exercise. A number of muscular problems happen when you adopt a work out technique all by yourself and you don’t consult or ask any professional to help you out with the perfect work out manner according to your body. It’s better to join a gym or health centre in order to start working out.

Fitness Tips for Fitness Problems


1.       Eat healthy breakfast and lunch:

There is a popular saying in Islamic culture that you should eat breakfast like a king, take lunch like a prince but eat dinner as a beggar. This explains an important fundamental of human body and its working that when you eat good food in the morning, you work all day and that food doesn’t cause you any fat. In the same manner, when you eat healthy food at lunch, you are still going to work for some hours and your body needs this food for proper operations. But at night when you are just going to sleep after eating dinner, it’s better if you don’t eat much at night. Try to stay with fruits and vegetables soups at night and even if you feel any appetite, it’s not bad. On the other hand, if you work late nights, you can eat good and healthy food at night too.

2.       Quit eating late at night:

People who work late at nights or have a habit of staying awake long past 12, develop a habit of eating junk food at night. Mostly people tend to eat pizza, burgers, French fries and processed food at night such as chocolates, chips and biscuits. This habit is not healthy and it can cause you some serious damages. You know that you are not working and just awake. If you feed your body excessive amount of carbohydrates and calories, this energy will be stored in your body in form of facts and excessive pounds around your belly and waist. If you have working schedule late at night, its better if you don’t eat much at dinner and keep an appetite. This way when you feel hungry, you can eat the proper dinner. And also make sure not to eat something heavy and quickly turn into bed. After eating some food late at night, try staying awake for a while or do some walking in your living room and then go to bed.

3.       Drink more water:

It’s a good habit that you start your meal with drinking water. If you are used to eat big meals and after that when you feel thirsty, you fill your stomach with a huge amount of water; it will cause serious problems to your stomach and metabolism. Always start your meal with a glass of water and then start eating. This way you will fill a part of your stomach with water and that will make you eat less. Also if you are going to eat spicy food, it’s better if you don’t eat much of it. Excessive amount of spices and herbs in the food cause more thirst and if you don’t drink water in this situation, it will damage your stomach linings. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be drinking much water after the meal so try eating small quantities of food in which big amount of spices is used.

4.       Never make a dietary plan all by yourself:

Even if you know what kind of food is causing fat in your body, you shouldn’t quit eating that food all by yourself. Before adopting any diet plan, consult a good health instructor who knows your body and its needs better than you. He will examine your BMI ratio and find out what is your calorie needs and how much you should eat if you want to lose some weight.

5.       Quit junk food:

If you are used to eat in between the main meals of the day and you just can’t stop yourself, it’s better to fill your stomach with the food that won’t cause any problem. Try eating more fresh vegetables and fruits in between the meals so that you can kill your appetite. This way you won’t gain any weight and still you are filling up your stomach with enough food. Fruits and vegetables have less or no calorie ratios at all and it means even if you eat good amount of vegetables or take fresh fruit juices, you won’t gain any weight.

6.       Always get good night sleep:

Reducing the sleep hours is a big cause of gaining weight and losing healthy body. If you don’t sleep at least for 5-6 hours every night, you will gain some weight even if you don’t eat much. If you have late night working situations, make sure that you get the sleep in the day time especially after taking the lunch. This way you can work late nights but still provide enough rest to your body.

Introduction to Fitness

What is fitness actually?

There are number of explanations about describing the fitness in a human body and most of them make it very complicated to understand for those who are new to this concept. Fitness is simply defined as having a healthy body and good habits both eating and working out. If you are eating good food and working out a lot, you will have a fit and healthy body. There are some misconceptions about fitness and people usually think that if a person is fat, it means he is healthy and fit. In reality, fitness has nothing to do with obesity in fact if a person is obese, it shows he is not healthy and losing his metabolism and immune power inside his body. This explains that even if a person is not as healthy and big as someone else, it doesn’t mean he is not fit. Fitness mainly depends on what is your height and what is your BMI ratio. By describing these two elements, you can find out if you have a fit and healthy body or you need some improvements.

Here we are going to discuss number of fitness elements in a human body but first let’s discuss fitness of different body parts.

Muscular fitness:

Muscles play a very important role in human body functions. We have bone structure inside our body that helps to keep the shape on the body and make the body parts in their places but these bones are operated by muscles. If you have good muscles, it means you have strong bone structure and keep in mind that having fat arms or legs doesn’t mean you have good muscles. There are many examples in medical terms when a person has healthy body and strong looking arms but inside, he is weak and can’t lift a small object.

It means if you want your bones to be strong, you need to take care of your muscular fitness. The first thing that is the most important in muscular fitness is that you shouldn’t ask your body to perform an activity that it’s not used to. It can be a work out technique, an exercise program or on job situation. If you know you can’t lift objects heavier than 60 pounds, you should never force your body to do it in the first place. It also explains that if you are not used to do any exercise before, you should start with easy and simple techniques and then gradually go up to heavy lifting and running exercises.

Immune fitness:

Every human body has its own defense mechanism which keeps the body healthy and prevents the attack of diseases from outside and inside the body. This immune system is also defined as your personal army against the diseases and illnesses. Immune system in small kids and babies is weaker as compared to the one in an adult or young person. It also starts getting weaker as you grow old. If your immune system is fit and in good shape you won’t get seasonal and common diseases such as cough, fever and influenza. On the other hand, if you don’t have a good immune system or it’s not in good health, you will be attacked by common diseases and illnesses and these common disabilities will cause major problems inside your body.

Internal organs fitness:

For working properly, human body needs many organs to function in the right way. You need your heart to pump and filter the blood, your stomach to digest and dissolve the food you eat, your liver to produce new blood and clean out the existing one, your lungs to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and your kidneys to urinate properly. If any of these organs is having a problem or not physically fit, you are not considered as a fit person even if you have healthy muscles and good shaped body. This also explains that if you have some problem inside your body such a serious disease, you won’t have a fit body until you overcome that disease or eliminate it from your body. High cholesterol, diabetes, cardiac disabilities and stomach ulcer are the problems that are usually caused these days. Most of these problems are easy to cure and treat on early stages but if you don’t pay any attention to your body and its fitness situation, you can end up with a serious disability for life.